The CMS-50DL Pulse Oximeter from Contec is designed to provide an easy and accurate way to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. Whether you’re a pilot or an athlete, this oximeter is the perfect choice for on-the-go readings that fit with your lifestyle. Built on being easy to use, the device can turn on with the touch of a button, and its small size coupled with a soft carrying case makes it a great travel companion that can be taken anywhere. This oximeter is designed for Sports and Aviation use only. Comes with a free carrying case and strap – batteries not included

Product Features

  • Accurate within +- 2%
  • Low power consumption can provide up to 40 hours of continuous readings
  • Automatic power off after inactivity
  • Portable and lightweight – comes with a free carrying case and strap
  • Intended for sports and aviation users only

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